About LaterLoop

I developed LaterLoop as a side project while working on Mento, a new service that's now released by zoo-m.com for recommending and sharing links with friends.

For a long time, I had felt the burden of opening too many tabs and following too many links each day. They would accumulate, seemingly multiply and wait for me commandingly. But without finding the time to go through them, I could only declare defeat periodically and save them to a Bookmarks folder ... that I haven't re-opened in a long time.

I heard from friends that I wasn't the only one. A better tool was needed.

Google App EnginePowered by Google App Engine

The first version of LaterLoop was integrated with Mento. But it made sense to release it separately because the functionality was so simple and self-contained.

Around the same time in April 2008, Google App Engine was first released to developers. Perfect timing! and LaterLoop was a perfectly simple project that could easily be converted.

Tech Talk

My Experience? The match of Google App Engine and Django is a web developer's dream. I was a Django convert previously and getting it running on App Engine was a snap. How perfect.

App Engine itself is one of the most impressive environments I have worked with. Contrary to other opinions, I found that it's extremely flexible and a very refreshing way of building web apps. Stop worrying about the How of your application and focus on the What and Why. Every platform claims that but Google App Engine + Django came closest to that promise for me.

LaterLoop's original version was developed in 2 days. It took about 7 days to port it to App Engine, give it a new look and work out the kinks of App Engine's preview release.

Ask Questions, Get in touch

If you have more questions about LaterLoop, definitely get in touch. Based on your feedback, I'll be publishing a technical FAQ separately.

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Don't forget to check out Mento, the origin of LaterLoop
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