Frequently Asked Questions

How is LaterLoop different?

You could use a number of other tools for saving webpages and reading them later.
None of these worked perfectly for me.

I wanted a service with very few but essential features:

  • Works on many phones not just iPhones
  • Easier offline reading no plug-ins required
  • Shuffle your links – Read them in random order, old-to-new or new-to-old
  • Follow up on a link after reading it – Send yourself an email from your phone
  • Saving links in a snap – 1 click or keyboard shortcut. No popups here.

You might say that LaterLoop is a copycat of Instapaper, a similar service with a wonderfully simple UI.
I don't like copycats and there is no creativity in building them. You can check's WHOIS record, which was created long before Instapaper launched. It's a simple idea after all. I don't claim to be the first.

How do I save links on LaterLoop?

LaterLoop integrates with your browser. There are extensions for Firefox and Internet Explorer that add a one-click button to your browser's interface. In addition, there's a bookmarklet that you can keep in your Bookmarks toolbar, which works in all browsers.

Will it work on my phone?

  • iPhone: definitely! automatically detects your iPhone and presents you with an optimized interface.
  • Other phones: most probably! All you need is a web browser and internet connection.
    • The mobile version is at
    • Links on your reading list will automatically be optimized for mobile viewing by Google's mobile transcoder. It removes images and other fluff from a standard webpage.
    • Successfully tested with Blackberies, Nokia E60 & N series and Windows Mobile so far.

What’s Google App Engine? Are you affiliated with Google?

No, LaterLoop is not affiliated with Google. It is not a Google service.

Google App Engine is a web application platform where non-Google developers can run their own web applications. All data is stored separately from Google's services.

For convenience, LaterLoop offers you to login with your Google account. But you can also sign up for a simple LaterLoop account with its own username and password if you prefer. In either case, Google's services don't have access to your LaterLoop data.

I have another question:

Sure! Get in touch through LaterLoop's Feedback page.
I'll add to this FAQ as more questions come in.